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Recently, Richard made a booking for 24 hours in my premium incall apartment, but he wanted it to be perfect and leave nothing to chance. He wanted to include a visit to a private spa/sauna and he was thinking about a trio for at least some of that time as well. ‘This is way out there for me, O’Neill. I have been with an escort a few times but never had an overnight companion booking. I also have never done a threesome. Could you give me a sense of what our time together could look like?

This is how I responded to him. Are you inspired? Book this experience at

Hi Richard,

I’m thrilled about your interest in spending such a lovely amount of time together with me. I completely understand your desire to envision how we might make the most of it. As I share these thoughts, keep in mind that this time is yours, and the following is just one of many potential ways we could choose to spend it. 

While our time together will naturally unfold with spontaneity, here’s a glimpse of how I’ve daydreamed about what it could look like…

I watch as you walk in, impeccably dressed and well-groomed, exuding confidence with each step into my hallway. Your presence immediately captivates me; a kind personality shines through your initially shy expression when our eyes first meet, setting the tone for what’s to come. Dressed to undress, you enter my boudoir—a modern, sensually appointed luxury high-rise apartment, fully equipped for our extended time of intense pleasure. As I take your coat, a warm welcoming hug follows, and I can feel you relaxing in my embrace. Our eyes lock, and in that moment, I see a sparkle in your eyes that wasn’t quite there when you first walked in.

I guide you into the living room, where panoramic windows frame the cityscape. You settle into the oversized sofa, and I prepare a coffee for you, a tea for myself. As we engage in easy conversation, you gradually unwind, responding playfully to my flirtatious touches as I move closer on the sofa. With a soft whisper, I express how lovely you look, gently nibbling on your earlobe—eliciting an unexpected, delightful quiver through your body. Drawing your attention to the table set for two, we continue our connection over a leisurely lunch, watching the world unfold below us.

After lunch, we retreat for a soothing bath together, ensuring we’re nicely freshened up for our first round of mind-blowing intimacy on my silky oversized bed with premium mattresses. With no rush in the air, we take our time, savoring each moment, and afterwards, we relax in each other’s arms, slowly coming back to our senses.

We freshen up and dress for a leisurely trip to Scheveningen beach, enjoying a boulevard stroll along the North Sea coastline. Pausing at one of the sunlit terraces for a drink, we continue to Crazy Pianos The Hague for exciting entertainment and flirtatious cocktails. Later, we venture to The Harbour Club for an exquisite, high-end club-style dinner, making each moment a part of our unforgettable day.

Upon returning to my apartment, we freshen up once more, but this time I guide you to my spa massage room where you settle onto my heated, height-adjustable massage table. Here, you’ll soon experience the magic of my hands—perfected through training in a 5-star hotel Health & Spa facility. In this intimate setting, it’s not just about relaxing your muscles; it’s about awakening your deepest sensual feelings. The light-dimmed space is filled with the melodies of smooth, soothing music. The knowledge of ample time ahead allows you to rest, fully ready to embrace the benefits of my firm yet sensual touch. You realize it’s been quite a while since you’ve felt this comfortable and relaxed.

You will notice that I’m slowly turning more of my focus on your erogenous zones, heightening your sensitivity and amazing sensual signals make their way there, stiffening your masterpiece. Magic touches increase the frequency and intensity of the signals to your brain and hardened manhood. I gently whisper in your ear that I want you to follow me to my dimly lit bedroom, where we once again lose any connection with the world below us.

With a chilled glass of champagne, we place ourselves together on the sofa where we have a cool down and watch a lovely movie of your choice on my oversized 85” TV and theatre sound system. After the movie, we explore my Vixen and Lust Cinema subscription turning the evening sultry again. You haven’t missed the Tantra sex chair placed by the window and facing the city lights far below. We scroll through erotic scenes that feature lovely Kama Sutra sex positions and I know you’re making mental notes of which positions you really don’t want to miss out on when we make our way to the amazingly erotic red chair:

This is where we explore your most beloved positions well into the night. After a fresh shower we retreat to the bedroom where we fall asleep in each other’s arms. I know we’ll wake up a few times during the night to each other’s sensual touches and love-making desires.

In the morning, the yearning for a lovely cup of coffee is met with the delivery of a delightful breakfast. As you savor the moment, the realization sets in of how closely connected we’ve become since that first step into my door.

In the morning, you’ll yearn for a lovely cup of coffee while a delightful breakfast is delivered. You realize how closely connected we have become since that first moment you walked into my door. Soon, we’ll get ourselves ready to leave for the private sauna you’ve picked and reserved for us.

Stepping into the spa sauna, a sensuous embrace of warmth touches our bodies. The air is infused with the heady aroma of cedar and eucalyptus, inviting relaxation and surrender. As we recline on the smooth, heated bench, beads of perspiration gently trickle down our skin, caressing every inch in a soft, tantalizing dance. In the dim glow of soft lighting, you suddenly realize that we are not alone in this intimate oasis of tranquillity. The silhouette of a lovely woman approaches, and your heart skips a beat or two when you realize that you’ll be embraced not just by the sauna’s warmth but by two lovely girls who have their focus on you and on each other … melting into a world of pure sensory indulgence and profound serenity.

Afterwards, in a scene reminiscent of an ancient royal court, you lay reclined like an emperor on a sumptuous chaise lounge with two dream girls, like devoted handmaidens, with their fingers tenderly guiding the delectable treats of fruit to your awaiting lips. With every exquisite bite, you savour the flavours of indulgence, feeling like the centre of their universe, a ruler of pleasure and desire in that moment of captivating opulence.

I don’t want this daydream to end, Richard, but hey… I should still leave some of it to your imagination! Having written this, I can’t wait for you to confirm the booking and pick the private sauna location of your preference. Once you do, I’ll confirm with my girlfriend as well and get everything set up for our unforgettable time together. 

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