O’Neill loves spending time with someone special like you. But in order to make this possible, we will need to secure her safety, well-being and discretion, just as much as yours. We therefore need to get a few rules out of the way to make sure that your time with her can truly be a lasting memory of pleasure and joy … and hopefully one that you’ll both will want to repeat!

What You See Is What You Get

O’Neill is a recognised model with a successful career. She goes to great lengths to give you the assurance that you have found your beautiful girl of your dreams. How? First, unlike many other high-class elite companions, she has decided to feature her photo’s with her face visible. Second, to give you the assurance that her photo’s are real, O’Neill decided to feature herself on 2 third-party websites that offer a professional verification service. To read more about this, check out her Journal Blog: What You See Is What You Get ( And third, she is featured on OnlyFans ( where you can see a host of exclusive explicit content that would get her banned from every other site.

Given her above described diligence and exposure, please do not request additional photo’s beyond what you can find in her gallery ( and her OnlyFans site. Her beautiful face, pearly white smile and ocean blue eyes is your happy surprise when she walks into your presence … be prepared to be speechless!


O’Neill is a high-end model and excels at her professional career. She only reserves a limited amount of time for these exclusive appointments. To make sure you get the date and time exactly the way you want, it is recommended to book well in advance so that she can make the necessary arrangements with her work, among other activities, to be available for you. You may try your luck with a last-minute booking, but this is rarely possible.

You’d be surprised how often O’Neill receives messages from men that simple say ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’, ‘What’s up?’, ‘Are you available?’ or ‘Do you have time tonight?’ They chase O’Neill for bookings but remain vague about time and location. To avoid becoming a chat service for fakers, she systematically ignore these messages.

Instead, a class gentlemen introduces himself and is clear about his intentions: a date, an overnight or even a fly-me-to-you (FMTY) arrangement. He will ‘sell’ himself to her. He will kindly request her availability on a specific date, duration and location and will make O’Neill feel respected and highly valued. It is only with gentlemen like these that she will interact to plan for his perfect date and to make sure she is dressed and prepared to exceed his wildest dreams.
Therefore, the only way to request a booking with O’Neill is to complete her online booking form. This establishes a clear understanding and agreement between you and her with regards to date, time, duration and location. And just as importantly, this is how you can win O’Neill’s interest and trust to accept your booking.

Constant back and forth emailing or texting is more indicative of a faker as opposed to an organised gentleman who knows what he wants. Although she hates doing it, O’Neill must respectfully notify you if your contact frequency is not sustainable given her limited time, her busy work schedule, social life and the sad reality of fakers. You’re likely not one of them, so please be prepared for your contact with her to be crisp and respectful and make sure that you are in a position to be clear about your desired meeting date, time, duration, location and preferences.

O’Neill accepts bookings in her prestigious apartment (starting April 10th) or in 4- or 5-star hotels. No booking is agreed until she has had the opportunity to confirm the location with you.

Privacy & Discretion

In case you worry about your privacy, please be aware that O’Neill has a successful professional life, a loving family, many friends and a vast professional network to protect as well. As far as privacy and discretion are concerned, she and you are on a level-playing field with O’Neill making every effort that the limited time she makes available for bookings stays safely under the radar for both of you.

She does not keep any information without your explicit approval. She will ask the day after the booking whether you would like her to keep your phone number or email address so that she can recognise you for future bookings. Without your consent, all information related to you and your booking will be cleared.


An elite companion will never naively step into the door without first securing her safety. The class gentlemen O’Neill meets understand this. They realise that she makes herself vulnerable to have intimate companion dates with someone she hasn’t previously met.

To assure O’Neill’s safety and to gain her interest in meeting with you, she will need to apply a basic level of screening. She realises that your privacy and discretion are just as critical. Be assured that no information or details related to this screening will be stored beyond the booking.

After you complete O’Neill’s booking form, please assist her with the minimal information she requires for her safety prior to accepting the booking or prior to the actual appointment. For Netherlands residents, O’Neill may require some additional information if she has any indication that there is a higher risk of the two of you knowing each other.  It would be pretty awkward to be in the same meeting room days after the booking, no?

You and O’Neill are reaching into something that makes you both a little bit vulnerable from a privacy and discretion perspective. But this is also where the thrill, excitement and adventure is. If you happen to not be quite as adventurous, please be advised that this stuff is neither negotiable nor sexy for O’Neill to discuss; she has long decided to not debate any of this and instead trust that classy gentlemen like you will understand that your mutual safety, discretion and wellbeing are of the utmost importance.

O’Neill actually finds that the slight uneasiness related to this makes it adventurous …  the inquisitive desire coupled with lingering questions of trust builds the intrigue and puts her and you on the naughty edge which makes it such a thrill. For her, it makes the appointment that much naughtier and your intimate connection so much hotter. 


As mentioned, O’Neill has a thriving professional career and only reserves a select amount of time for these exclusive appointments. Having a booking with her is a privilege you should take seriously. In many instances, she will need to make special arrangements with her work schedule in order to be available for you.  Of course, she understands that things happen outside of your control which may require you to reschedule or cancel the appointment. Just be reminded to limit her exposure to this as much as possible and consider a confirmed booking with her as something precious to be protected. 

Cancel or change the booking >12 hours in advance
If you have one of those exclusive spots on O’Neill’s agenda, you can cancel up to 12 hours in advance. In case you had to do this more than once, O’Neill will require a 25% pre-pay to confirm a new booking so she knows that you are indeed serious about spending time with her as opposed to keep tying up her precious time. Rest assured, payments to O’Neill will appear with a harmless, generic description on your account statement. 

Cancel or change the booking <12 hours in advance
Things happen outside of your control which may require you to suddenly reschedule or cancel the appointment. You must know that O’Neill reserves this time specifically for you and will have made special arrangements with her work to be available and will have started her preparations to look her best for you. Cancelling within 12 hours of the booking requires a 25% cancellation fee of the agreed upon rate; cancelling within 4 hours requires a 50% cancellation fee. You will receive payment instructions accordingly. But please don’t worry, payments to O’Neill will appear with a harmless, generic description on your account statement. 


O’Neill will send you a booking confirmation with the total booking amount including her travel cost or incall charge. She will ask that you confirm the details of your meeting. The payment will be done at the beginning of the date and is in Euro currency unless otherwise agreed prior to the appointment.

Please make sure that you give O’Neill the payment without her having to ask you as this is not a charming thing to do on a romantic date. Please give her a moment to verify the amount.
O’Neill offers you the option to pay cash or via banktransfer. Payments to O’Neill will appear with a harmless, generic description on your account statement. 

Please understand that freeing herself up for longer bookings, while maintaining a successful professional career, takes a serious effort on her part and has a major impact in her work life. Therefore, for longer bookings, the following prepayments are required:
24 hours: 25%
48 hours or longer: 50%

In case you inadvertently need to change or cancel the booking, the prepayment will not be refunded. Instead, 50% of your prepayment will be maintained as a credit for a future booking with O’Neill.

In case you wish to spontaneously extend the booking beyond the booked duration, payment will be made at the beginning of the prolongation to avoid any confusion afterwards.

Incall bookings

When you meet O’Neill at her prestigious high floor apartment, a few common sense guidelines apply.

The location is in principle discreet. Arrive well-groomed and dressed in representative business-like clothing. Follow O’Neill’s parking instructions.

When you enter the building or wait for the elevator you may come across other building occupants. Please be kind to them but avoid conversation; in no way reveal the purpose of our meeting. Maintaining utmost discretion for yourself and O’Neill is paramount to make incall bookings available.

Hygiene and safety

O’Neill is all about her fitness and health and takes her personal care and hygiene very seriously. She expects that a client does the same: personal care and hygiene is a requirement for the date to proceed. 

O’Neill has the right to abandon a date without refund in case personal care, hygiene and/or safety is in question. This includes but is not limited to excessive alcohol, drug use, not respecting ‘no’ for an answer when a client exceeds her boundaries.

International bookings

Within driving distance
O’Neill can get to you in cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Köln (Cologne) and other cities in the German Ruhrgebiet by car. Since it will take her 2-3 hours to get there (and the same to get home), she requires a minimum booking duration of 4 hours. For bookings that run longer than the midnight hour (0:00), there is a €250 midnight upcharge to compensate her for the effort of driving home well into the night. Lastly, she requires a prepayment of the travel cost and 25% of the booking fee in advance. Too often things change last minute while she is almost there or worse, she has more than once been stood up all together. Payments to O’Neill will appear with a generic description on your account statement. 

Fly Me To You (FMTY)

O’Neill loves to fly to you (Fly Me To You/ FMTY). She has broad international experience and is culturally astute. However, she is frequently approached by people with elaborate international plans who demand much of her time to plan things in more detail. And because the two of you would in that case spend so much time together, the inquirer would like to get on the phone with her. Unfortunately, O’Neill’s experience is that most of the time these men are fakers and she has unfortunately learned her lesson the hard way by wasting a lot of time. She has been advised to regretfully offer the following two options:

  1. Meet with O’Neill in the Netherlands first. This way the two of you get to know each other first before scoping out more elaborate times together abroad. And O’Neill will know that you are for real.
  2. Upon completing the booking form, send her a gift card of minimally €250 so that she knows that you are for real.

International bookings require a bank transfer prepayment of 50% of the booking cost and 100% of the travel expense. Payments to O’Neill will appear with a harmless, generic description on your account statement.

The booking is only agreed upon when O’Neill has had the opportunity to confirm the hotel location and travel schedule with you. O’Neill does not book any flights without having received the travel expense prepayment. In addition, she will not embark on the flight without having received the booking cost prepayment and the requested screening information.
When you cancel the booking, the booking cost prepayment will not be refunded. Instead you will maintain 50% of your booking cost prepayment as a credit for a future booking with O’Neill.

Domestic Travel

O’Neill will normally arrive by car or is dropped off by a driver. Please make sure that you give her parking instructions to maintain discretion for both her and yourself. 

International Travel

The travel methods for international bookings will be discussed per occasion. As a general rule, O’Neill will fly to you (FMTY) with a premium airline as opposed to a budget airline. Flights of 6 hours and longer require a business class ticket. Flights between 1-6 hours require an economy plus ticket including a luggage allowance, unless you would like to be so generous to upgrade her to business class.

After an international flight, O’Neill will need to have the opportunity to prepare herself for the stunning first appearance she is known for. She’ll take your breath away and your heart will skip a beat or two before it starts racing. A separate room booked in your name should be available to her when she first arrives.


By making a booking you accept full responsibility and waive your rights to hold O’Neill liable for anything that may arise from having or possibly not having the date. She can also not be held liable for any circumstances out of her control (force majeur). She will always keep you informed as soon as she possibly can.

Copyright Protection

All written and visual content is explicitly copyright protected. No photography nor any of the copywriting on this website may be reproduced nor used in any manner. Violations will be full researched and aggressively pursued by means of lawsuits under the jurisdiction of The Netherlands.

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