The following FAQ’s are in fact questions I get. I answer them here in somewhat random order and I will add additional questions and answers in the weeks to come. _ FAQ English Version.

Regretfully, I understand why people ask me this question. There is such dishonesty on the profiles of so many escorts that you wonder who you will really end up finding at your doorstep or in who’s shady incall location you end up finding yourself. You should expect more and better from high-class escorts, but that standard is easily claimed by the masses these days as well. 

Featuring myself online and offering exclusive companion services for discerning gentlemen is exhilarating and of course, vulnerable. But this also makes it extra adventurous and ultimately …. extra sexy! Some time ago, I wrote a blog called ‘What You See Is What You Get’ where I write about how you can know that I’m for real: 

The best way to see how real I am is on my OnlyFans channel: Faking it with just a few pictures on the myriad of escort sites is easy. Posting daily content on an OnlyFans page is only do-able if you are real.

Yes, I’m 100% Dutch. I was born, raised, and educated in the area between Rotterdam and The Hague. I have an Atheneum/VWO secondary education degree, followed with a business degree which landed me advanced positions within one of the four global accountancy firms. My office is in Amsterdam. The only thing you shouldn’t ask me to proof that I’m Dutch is to sing the national anthem … I will fail miserably, but then when I come to think of it … most Dutch people would fail that test which perhaps proves that I’m a real Dutch after all.

I’m glad that escort agencies exist to guide and protect girls in the highly exposed world of men and sex. It is important to pick an agency who has both your desires and the well-being of the lady at heart. Some agencies will push their girls just a little more to accept bookings when it does not suit her or perhaps persuade them to offer services which they may not like but should offer nevertheless because they would otherwise not get many customers.

Although I’m sure that there are good agencies and very nice ladies who come your way with to genuinely pleasure you, it could also be that your appointment doesn’t actually suit her or that in reality she doesn’t like to perform a service that you were looking forward to.  

There is nothing as disappointing as half-hearted sex when you longed for a wonderfully satisfying time with your dream lady.  

As an independent escort I am not affiliated with any agency. But my definition of independent goes one step further: I have a successful professional career and I’m not dependent on these bookings for my base income. Double independent so to speak! Why may that matter for you? I am my own boss and do exactly what I want, how much I want it and how I want it. So, when we see each other, you know that it suits me and that I am just as eager as you to have an irresistible satisfying time together. So, no half-heartedness but full-heartedness guaranteed!

Whenever I get this question, it suggests the thought of a menu. I would hope that no one assesses how satisfying sex is by running down a list with check boxes. But for those who are interested, I found a list that might ‘inspire’ you: 

Truth be told, I get it. When you watch porn movies on PornHub or XVideos you may see explicit scenes that you might fancy to experience as well. The best scoring clips on these sites include CIM (cum in mouth), COB (cum on breasts), CIF / COF (cum on face) scenes and nowadays no porn actress can achieve a top rating without having shot at least a few clips involving anal play preferably without a condom and taking a penis interchangeably back in her mouth and vagina as well. The more we all click on movies with anal play, the more the industry will nudge porn stars to produce movies with anal sex and before you know it, we might all think it is a common thing to do or to expect. It forms your thoughts about sex and that, without some of these specific acts, you’re missing out. 

Let me give you some free advice; not from me but from men who have gone before you and tried their luck with the innumerable escorts who show glamour girl pictures and listing all kinds of porn scene types of services at a low hourly rate. What they got was a woman who didn’t look at all like the woman on the pictures even with the widest stretch of the imagination, and who in some cases didn’t do the service at all or who did it with zero interest and care that, and I’m quoting one those men: ‘you might as well be fucking a sex doll’. My apologies if that language was offensive to you; I just wanted to share how he worded his experience. Anyhow … who was it who said that ‘if it’s too good to be true, it likely is!’ 

I’m approached frequently by men who inquire about my services. What I quickly learned is that the men who have a genuine intention to set up a meeting never really ask this question and based on my high frequency of repeat bookings, they apparently love what they get! 

I therefore do not list my services on my website nor am I inclined to answer it. First, I don’t consider it sexy. Second, I would never want sex to be reduced to a rundown of a list. Third, the most exciting part of our time together is the intrigue of not knowing each other and the suspense about how glorious our sex will be together. And finally, let me tell you a secret (keep it to yourself, please!) …  based on chemistry, ecstasy, and trust, I may do things sometimes with someone that I don’t necessarily like to promise to everyone. What you get is what you put into it! Oh .. and I mean that possibly more literally than you think!

I do these independent escort, dinner date companion meetings because of the adventure, the classy men I meet, the beautiful surrounding I end up in and of course … the ‘over the moon’ sex I have. What I find interesting is that from the many men that approach me, the gentlemen who I actually meet never ask this question. And most of them I see again and with these intriguing men I have a lovely time and the sex is out of this world. But if I really must answer this question, I do not do bareback intercourse sex. I think men who want to see me should actually be pleased that I don’t and realize that they meet someone who takes good care of herself, is top ranked on the Scoville scale and sexually super adventurous but never at the expense of your and my wellbeing. Most importantly … having great sex that makes you want more is not about with or without a condom … with the right chemistry, sensuality and horniness, you wouldn’t even know the difference.

If you have read my answer to an earlier question ‘What services do you offer?’, you may know the answer. If you haven’t read that yet, please start with that answer first before you read onward. 

As with women more generally, finding an A-Level escort who genuinely enjoys anal sex is a hot commodity. Quite literally I would say because it looks looks hot and intimate. Women in porno movies make it seem like they all love it and that it turns them on. I’m sure that there are women who do in fact enjoy it but make no mistake, for most it is rather painful or at least highly uncomfortable. A-Level sex for most women is all about pushing away the pain and unease and give the appearance of pleasure and arousal. For those Porno movie scenes, I actually do believe they deserve the title of ‘actresses’. 

Truth be told, I have had anal sex for a few brief moments but only to conclude that it isn’t what I want. And when you book time with me or with any companion for that matter, you’ll have a much better time if we all really enjoy ourselves than if you get to do a procedure on someone who just tolerates it briefly.

I get messages like these, which I find a bit sad. Although it isn’t formulated like a question, I believe it should be in my FAQ since I feel compelled to react to it more generally here. I love confident men who are self-assured and decisive, of course. But even the most confident people can be nervously self-conscious in a different setting. Please don’t ever worry about your appearance other than showing up clean, well-groomed, and representatively dressed. I believe people should worry more about who they are as a person and who they are to others. I get to meet interesting men who I love to spend time with, not because of their looks, but who are appealing to me for who they are.

Yes, I’m perfectly current on my vaccinations meeting the Corona prevention requirements here in the Netherlands as well as for most other European countries so that I can visit there on a dime.

I assume that you will have seen my photos and videos in my Gallery. These should normally be sufficient to give you the full and authentic impression of who I am and my athletic figure and curvy shapes. I have even decided to not hide my face from you, which is rather unique in the upscale high-class elite escort segment. 

A possible reason for this question may be your well justified concern about the widespread and blatant dishonesty in the escort world when it comes to photo manipulations. No question, what you see is what you should get and I wrote about the measures I took to that end in the following blog: 

I have the perfect answer to those who would like to see more of me in general, or who would want to get to know me a bit better before scheduling time to meet in person: you can subscribe to my newsletter to get access to my Fan Page.

Those who also subscribe to my newsletter to get access to my Fan Page will see that I love travelling. Most of these trips abroad I take with class gentlemen who arrange for me to travel with them or to them (Fly Me To You – FMTY) on a business trip or lovely vacation. I have been in wonderful places all over the world but I’m especially eager to find out where you will take me next! 

Living in the Netherlands makes it possible to accept bookings in cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Dusseldorf, Cologne (Köln) and travel there by car or train. I typically require a minimum of a 4-hour booking to make it worth my while to commute for just that many hours to get there and return home.

There seem to be about as many labels as there are sex workers and understandably no industry standards available nor observed for their use. As a client, it is up to you to navigate the countless escort sites to find your dream …. escort, prostitute, adult service provider (ASP), call girl, courtesan, companion, girlfriend (GF), girl next door (GND), playmate, hooker, hostess, you name it.Next up is the myriad of adjectives liberally used by sex workers to describe themselves: high-class, elite, glamour, independent, and so on.Let me offer my opinion, in no order of importance, on what makes an escort an elite or high-class companion in this jumble.

  1. Exclusive bookings
    Many escort girls set a low price and take as many bookings as they can get even on a single day. An elite or high-class companion doesn’t position herself for the masses but is priced and available for discerning gentlemen only; men that value the finer things in live. This usually means a few appointments per week or month, most certainly not multiple per day. At no point can this turn in an auto-pilot affair, machine like, whereby an appointment with you is one in a series and you quickly get to do your thing with her. What a sad thing that would be for both you … and her.
  2. Supplemental income
    In my view, an elite / high-class companion is someone who has a thriving career and therefore does not depend on bookings to secure her basic livelihood. She loves the attention from distinguished gentlemen, the adventure of who she’ll meet and where someone takes her, and truth be told … the supplemental luxuries and styling this affords her. And this in turn is appreciated by these gentlemen who typically recognize the clothing, shoes, and accessories of luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Hermès, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin.
  3. When it is more than about sex alone, the sex is better
    An elite / high-class companion will invest in you personally, give you her full attention, will focus on quality and on having great chemistry with you for both a great physical and social time together. Sure, the sex must be great, but men love to be able to connect with their lady socially and intellectually as well. It is nice if your dream girl knows what’s in the news, is broadly informed and understands your business world. It makes the sexual ‘joint venture’ and sensual ‘merger’ that much better!
  4. Styling and Ambiance
    There is no shortage of escorts on sites like or who feature themselves with mirror-selfies and other obscure photos. In contrast, an elite / high-class companion delivers styling and ambiance from the moment you first find her online. A genuine elite / high-class companion is featured with a well-designed, highly styled professional website and photoshoot.
  5. Health and Fitness
    An elite / high-class companion invests in a disciplined health and fitness regimen to be top fit and feature a body tightness that wouldn’t be out of place in a prestigious glamour shoot.
  6. True picture
    Booking an elite / high-class companion is not necessarily cheap, so you want to make sure you will spend time with the dream girl you found online. But there is so much dishonesty in the escort world, and therefore disappointment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the escort segment is one of Photoshop’s most prominent segments. An elite / high-class companion assures that ‘What You See Is What You Get’. See my blog for more. 
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