Delicate Dance of Trust: How to Comfortably and Sensibly Choose Your Escort Lady

Addressing Your Reasonable Concern About My Deposit Request

From time to time, I receive messages from men expressing concerns about my requirement for a deposit. I understand that this can cause hesitation, particularly for those who have had negative experiences with ‘ladies’ in the past. Making an escort booking is a delicate dance of trust. Can your trust in me mirror mine in you? And how do we assure each other of this trust?

Sadly, the world is full of scammers, and the world of sex workers harbours more than its fair share of them. Hearing about clients falling prey to deceit and subsequently becoming more guarded is disheartening. Providers, too, face challenges such as fakers, no-shows, and last-minute cancellations. This unfortunate landscape forces both clients and providers to tread carefully through the widespread reality of scams.

There are many Scam Boys who make bookings with escort ladies like me and then disappear completely. Here is the frustration: I will have rearranged my schedule and prepared for the date, only to never hear from them again. Another frequent occurrence are men who carelessly cancel the date shortly before the appointment, insensitive about the fact that I have a serious day job and have made irreversible arrangements and preparations to be ready for the date. Because these things are rampant, I must maintain a strict policy to to distinguish between the unreliable and the insensitive, and those who are genuinely committed and well-intentioned. A booking with me is confirmed only when a deposit has been paid (via bank transfer or e-gift). The deposit is a non-refundable fee for keeping your requested time reserved on my schedule.

Let’s turn our attention from my side to what matters to you. It’s true, there are many unreliable escorts out there. And I get it … you might wonder, how am I different? Truth be told, it’s a bit disheartening to have to defend my integrity, but I realise that Scam Ladies have made it necessary.

Scam Ladies are often found on escort directories with a few, slightly too-good-to-be-true photos, and seemingly unlimited sexual services they offer. If you find no further online presence from this lady, a red flag should go up, not your manhood. A broader online presence could be her agency’s website or her own independent website, or a presence on any of the social media platforms. In the absence of a wider online presence, you could fall back to the ‘verified’ status on popular escort directories such as Below this blog I give you information on what that verification process entails. If the lady has no further online presence and  has not been verified, you should probably know better and make sure that your mind starts to speak louder than your throbbing impulses and wonder why this alleged dream lady thrives in obscurity. Scam Ladies bank on the erotic impulsiveness of men and their betrayal pollutes the scene for all of us, the well-intended men and women.

On the happy side, high-class escorts, have a verified profile on reputable escort directories, offer you an up-to-date website (tip: check the girl’s most recent blog date), the ability to follow her on her active social media channels (such as X/Twitter, and Instagram). In my case, I even offer an OnlyFans account, ranked top 6% globally, that gives you an up-close and personal look at me. With that much exposure and building up such a public profile and following over the years, I would recklessly put my public reputation at stake if I would not be the lady you expected to see or intentionally ignore appointments in favour of stealing deposits. Featuring 2 generous photo and video galleries on my website with my face unhidden, offering >900 photo’s/videos of myself on my OnlyFans channel fully uncensored, how could I look any different when I show up at your doorstep? Would I throw my online reputation and all I have built up over the years in disarray for a scanty deposit amount I would steal by not showing up for a booking? In such situations, you’re powerless with the Scam Lady due to her obscurity. Not so with us high-class companions who are way smarter than being self-defeating.

So, someone without any further online presence featuring a too-good-to-be true online advert without verification could be a Scam Lady and you should watch out with a deposit payment request. But you’re likely a discerning gentleman, deliciously sexually impulsive, but smart and sensible enough to look beyond. You will likely have checked out my website and picture galleries, my X (Twitter), Instagram and you’ve perhaps even become a subscriber to my OnlyFans account. Yeah!

Our time together is an exciting, yet vulnerable adventure, so I totally respect if you can’t take this Delicate Dance of Trust with me. If you don’t feel comfortable after all, then by all means, don’t proceed and just let me know that you are changing your mind about the booking. I hope you equally respect and understand that unfortunately I need to maintain my policy. Only then can I continue to offer these exclusive appointments in addition to my day job as an independent accountant.

I hope to see you soon, but if my deposit policy is a showstopper for you, I respectfully and genuinely wish you lots of horny fun soon!


As I reference above in the blog, you can read about how,  handles verification and how ladies like me can get verification status there: 

1) Go to

2) Then scroll down for: VERIFIED ESCORTS