Verified … What You See Is What You Get

Written by O'Neill Summers

No doubt, you are looking forward to it just as much as I am while it’s still summertime: a hot, sexy, steamy date when you and I totally forget the world around us!

For us to have such an unencumbered and relaxing time together, we both want to make sure we have the right companion to share this highly sensual and erotic time with. You want your beautiful dream girl; and I want a discerning, caring gentlemen who I can be comfortable, compatible and safe with. We’re reaching into something that makes us both a little bit vulnerable from a privacy and discretion perspective. But this is also where the thrill, excitement and adventure is.

You are longing for an unforgetable time with the girl of your dreams. I assure you, look no further! But how do you know for sure? I realize that there are so many fakes out there on both ends. Men who flood my email account with make-belief requests and who seem to get excited about sharing their fantasies with a girl like me. On the other end, you have escorts who portray themselves in dishonest ways so far removed from reality. You thought you’d be seeing your dream girl but even with the biggest stretch of the imagination, you can’t link the girl who showed up to the glamorous photo’s you saw on the website. Such a scam and such a shame. They are messing it up for someone like me who works hard to look my very best for you, who feature genuine photo’s and who are looking to satisfy your most sensual thoughts. My goal is to meet distinguished and accomplished gentlemen who I will get to know and see again. As an elite glamour model, I’m of a different category than those who trigger this unnecessary concern in your mind.

To give you the assurance that it’s really me on the photo’s on my website, I decided to feature myself on 2 third-party websites that offer a professional verification service. These organisations have in common that they requested photo’s of me with the same outfits as featured on my gallery while also holding up a sign with my name and the date of the verification request.

Use these 2 links to see my photo’s verified, but then quickly make your way back to my website … haha!

Now that you have been able to verify that it is truly me who will take your breath away and make you speechless when you first open the door, I need to make sure that you are a trustworthy person for me to meet. Preparing for a courtesan high-class date takes several hours and I assure you, doing it and then to find out it was a hoax is rather infuriating. In addition, an elite companion will not naively step into the door without first securing her own safety. We take our safety, hygiene, fitness and wellness critically serious and a discerning gentlemen will understand this. They realise that we make ourselves vulnerable to have intimate companion dates with people we haven’t previously met. Men who don’t understand this and don’t want to assist me in assuring my safety should defer to escorts who are willing to take these shortcuts. I would advice, however, to consider what may drive such recklessness and what other shortcuts she may take that could be a damper on your dream date and possibly even your wellbeing. Instead, let’s stick together on this and get our mutual verifications in order so we can look forward to a date that makes the world around us fade away.

With you knowing that I’m really your dream girl, how can you win my interest and trust to accept your booking?

Introduce yourself when you first reach out to me. You’d be surprised how often I get messages from men that simple say ‘hi’, ‘how are you?’ or ‘what’s up?’. To avoid becoming a chat service, I systematically ignore these messages. A class gentlemen introduces himself and is clear about his intentions: a date, an overnight or even a fly-me-to-you (FMTY) arrangement. He will ‘sell’ himself to me. He will kindly request my availability on a specific date and will make me feel respected and highly valued. It is only with gentlemen like these that I will interact to plan for his perfect date and to make sure I’m dressed and prepared to exceed his wildest dreams. Too much back and forth email is commonly known to indicate a faker as opposed to an organised gentleman who knows what he wants.

When our first date approaches, we reach this point where I will need to know who you are (when meeting you at your home or with a fly-me-to-you arrangement) or to make sure that someone else knows who you are (when meeting in a hotel). I simply cannot step into the car or take a flight without having established that you are who you are.

The simplest way is for us to have our first meeting in a upscale hotel. All I need is your last name and roomnummer so that I can call the hotel to be transferred to your room. A four- or five-star hotel will require that I give them your name for the call to be transferred to your room. As soon as they transfer me, I have the verification that I need. At your request, I can recommend a hotel for our date in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam or Eindhoven.

If you do prefer that our first meeting takes place at your home address or for me to take an international flight to meet you abroad (FMTY), I will need to have your LinkedIn or Facebook profile where I will look for two things: (1) a clear and recent picture of you so that I can recognise you at the door, and (2) that this is indeed an active account I can trust. Lastly, to finalise the verification process, I will need to have your telephone number which I will use to send a verification text message with you.

In case you worry about your privacy and our discretion, please be aware that I have a successful professional life, a loving family, many friends and a vast professional network to protect as well. As far as privacy and discretion are concerned, you and I are on a level-playing field with me making every effort that the limited time I make available for bookings like these stays safely under the radar.

This stuff is not sexy for us to discuss, so I have long decided to not debate any of this and instead trust that classy gentlemen like you will understand that our mutual safety, discretion and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. But perhaps it is sexier than meets the eye. I actually think that this curious desire coupled with lingering questions of trust builds the intrigue and puts you and I on the naughty edge which makes it so adventurous and such a thrill. It makes our appointment that much naughtier and our intimate connection so much hotter which is ultimately what we want. I know that I do! Will I see you soon?