Some couples are naturally more adventurous thrill-seekers; others may be in dire need to bring back the sizzle in their sex life. For the latter group, I wrote a blog some time ago, which you can read here: ‘Bring back the sizzle into your sex life’

Regardless if you are looking for your next couple adventure or are indeed looking to renew your sex sparkle with your partner, I think I have just what you might be looking for.

This website has a lot of information about me, including photo’s and video’s so I won’t try to convince you further why I think you may like to have me join you and your partner in the fun. If you are still not sure, perhaps subscribing to my newsletter to get access to my free Fan Page gives you that last bit of comfort that I’m your dream girl for your ultimate threesome / trio sex fantasy.

I also think you will love my premium high-rise apartment featuring stunning panoramic views of the city on one side and the green countryside on the other side. We’ll get acquainted on the oversized lounge sofa in the living room and cosy up together with a relaxing, yet sensory-boosting glass of sparkling champagne. 

The apartment features a fully equipped modern kitchen where the three of us can prepare a lovely meal. I doubt however if we will stay focused enough to meet the listed recipe preparation time! Alternatively, the area offers an expansive list of delicious home delivery options. 

Meanwhile, the apartment’s premium sound system plays a sensual yet upbeat playlist with carefully curated songs. The sound follows you seamlessly everywhere you go.

The dining table boasts incredible sunsets and evening skies. Our rising sensual expectations will start to play out in flirtatious looks which will make us wonder what type of ‘dessert’ we’re really preferring at this point.

The dedicated wellness room features a height-adjustable heated massage table where we offer each of you incredibly arousing four hand erotic massages. As a trained 5-star hotel spa/wellness specialist, I will help you give each other a deeply relaxing massage that turns every bit naughtier along the way. Imagine that … a 4-hand massage involving you and your partner together. We’ll make sure no one is left out of the intense pleasure.

Our biggest challenge will be to decide where to go next. When we leave the massage room, sensual rays of coloured lights from the bedroom with its silk-sheeted oversized bed may draw us there. But the Tantra chair (or sex sofa) designed to support mind-blowing sex positions is a strong contender of our attention. Click here for more information about this out-of-this-world sex escapade we could have with the three of us. Some of these positions are a bit challenging at first and a little assistance is really nice. And don’t underestimate how intensely pleasurable it is to have a third person take part of the action or with her hands free to touch and rub you and your partner while you are entranced in the act.

I’m starting to get aroused while I write this so I better stop by saying that I look forward seeing you and your partner soon. I love it when couples regain a love sparkle in their eyes when they have visited me. Maybe I should add ‘Sex Therapist’ to my virtues?

Couples date surcharge: €100 p/h