There seem to be about as many labels as there are sex workers and understandably no industry standards available nor observed for their use. As a client, it is up to you to navigate the countless escort sites to find your dream …. escort, prostitute, adult service provider (ASP), call girl, courtesan, companion, girlfriend (GF), girl next door (GND), playmate, hooker, hostess, you name it.Next up is the myriad of adjectives liberally used by sex workers to describe themselves: high-class, elite, glamour, independent, and so on.Let me offer my opinion, in no order of importance, on what makes an escort an elite or high-class companion in this jumble.

  1. Exclusive bookings
    Many escort girls set a low price and take as many bookings as they can get even on a single day. An elite or high-class companion doesn’t position herself for the masses but is priced and available for discerning gentlemen only; men that value the finer things in live. This usually means a few appointments per week or month, most certainly not multiple per day. At no point can this turn in an auto-pilot affair, machine like, whereby an appointment with you is one in a series and you quickly get to do your thing with her. What a sad thing that would be for both you … and her.
  2. Supplemental income
    In my view, an elite / high-class companion is someone who has a thriving career and therefore does not depend on bookings to secure her basic livelihood. She loves the attention from distinguished gentlemen, the adventure of who she’ll meet and where someone takes her, and truth be told … the supplemental luxuries and styling this affords her. And this in turn is appreciated by these gentlemen who typically recognize the clothing, shoes, and accessories of luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Hermès, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin.
  3. When it is more than about sex alone, the sex is better
    An elite / high-class companion will invest in you personally, give you her full attention, will focus on quality and on having great chemistry with you for both a great physical and social time together. Sure, the sex must be great, but men love to be able to connect with their lady socially and intellectually as well. It is nice if your dream girl knows what’s in the news, is broadly informed and understands your business world. It makes the sexual ‘joint venture’ and sensual ‘merger’ that much better!
  4. Styling and Ambiance
    There is no shortage of escorts on sites like or who feature themselves with mirror-selfies and other obscure photos. In contrast, an elite / high-class companion delivers styling and ambiance from the moment you first find her online. A genuine elite / high-class companion is featured with a well-designed, highly styled professional website and photoshoot.
  5. Health and Fitness
    An elite / high-class companion invests in a disciplined health and fitness regimen to be top fit and feature a body tightness that wouldn’t be out of place in a prestigious glamour shoot.
  6. True picture
    Booking an elite / high-class companion is not necessarily cheap, so you want to make sure you will spend time with the dream girl you found online. But there is so much dishonesty in the escort world, and therefore disappointment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the escort segment is one of Photoshop’s most prominent segments. An elite / high-class companion assures that ‘What You See Is What You Get’. See my blog for more.