When you’re in love, the butterflies in your stomach make it that you can’t get your lady out of your mind. Each time you’re together, you tease your way closer to her to see how much further she will let you go this time. Your desires to explore her body, her touch, her lips and her curves are driving you crazy, but you don’t want to overstep her boundaries! The thrill of courtship.

I love it when gentlemen make a booking with me and let me know how much they’re looking forward to it. Some of them tell me that time seems to go slower because they can’t stop thinking about our upcoming date and keep checking out my pictures on my OnlyFans account (onlyfans.com/oneillsummers) to see more of who I am and what I do. How cute is that?

My girlfriend experience is courtship on fast forward with us building up the chemistry and drive each other crazy with instant flirtatious looks knowing that mind-blowing intimacy and intense pleasure is up next.

But be forewarned, our sensual and romantic time will captivate your mind until we see each other again!